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  • I flashed my Arduino UNO with the MocoLUFA USB-MIDI firmware, making it a class-compliant USB-MIDI interface that can be used with my iPad. I am using the Arduino Midi Library in my sketch.

    When I set the Midi Shield's RUN/PROG switch to the "RUN" position, midi-in from the shield's DIN port transfers to the USB-MIDI port, and I can record midi to my iPad, but midi-out from my iPad through the USB port does not get transferred to the midi-out DIN.

    When I set the RUN/PROG switch to "PROG", the opposite is true. I can send midi-out from iPad USB and it will transfer to the shield's midi-out DIN port, but midi-in from the shield's DIN port does not work.

    Is there way to have both? I would like midi-in from the DIN to go to the USB-MIDI out, and midi-in from USB-MIDI to go to the shield's midi-out DIN port, at the same time, without having to flip a switch and choose between exclusive in or out.

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