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  • Hi Roger,
    I appreciate that Sun is not Sparc. However you are a major licensee of the technology and so I’m guessing have a little bit of pull with SI if you wanted to use it. The bottom line is that, since Sun so heavily promotes Sparc architecture, you’re going to be hit with the mud as it starts to fly…friendly fire unfortunately. It’s not fair, however SI bringing in the corporate lawyers in this way is hardly fair either.
    I suggest you get on the phone to whoever you know at Sparc International and make them aware of the damage that their litigation is doing to your good brand name. Remember, the only thing required for evil to triumph is for good companies to do nothing :)

  • Just sent an email to sparc, sun and glassfish user list (so someone can pass it on). (Too long to post here, but it was polite and respectful and mentions my history with Sun – I’m a sun partner and certified enterprise architect among other things)

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