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  • The ground can be the connection where the RX and TX (FTDI) are located (GND) or one of the trigger pins on the left row.

  • Mike: you forgot R8 is also already on the board. R7,R8,R9,C3,C4 and C5 are already installed. Cut the trace is a good solution. But like you said is better implement circuit below for both audio outputs R and L. ______10uF____100 Ohms_______Ins | Outs ---10K------mp3 trigger ground

  • HOW CAN I CONNECT AND AUDIO SIGNAL? Basically I need to detect audio with a microcontroller. I guess connecting a mono audio output one wire to SIGNAL and Ground to GND, may work?

  • You can try an "audio isolation transformer". They have that in Radio Shack. I'm not 100% sure if will protect the mp3 trigger but may be Robertsonic can help you to find out.

  • The problem with connecting to a big amplifier is that doesn't have ESD protection. You will find that protection usually in devices like a receiver or a mixer with mp3 input (line level). You can build a circuit with a diode connected to ground. There is also something you can buy in radio shack that may work, I don't remember the name right now... let me search...

  • The basic stamp works at 7 bit. will not work, is that right?

  • Yes, you are correct. I think the problem is the BASIC Stamp can communicate at 7 data bits, 1 stop bit or 8 data, no parity, and 1 stop bit. The manual of mp3 trigger sayd 8 data bits. What do you think?

  • So the Mp3 trigger will not support baud rates of 9600? really? so whats the purposes of "quiet mode" if I can't use it?

  • Robertsonic please answer my question!!! How can I use the BS2 (parallax) to enter the mp3 trigger into Quiet Mode? and detect wich trigger was activated? SEROUT .....? SERIN......? Graztie!

  • Great product Mr. Robertson, too bad you did not take the time to tell us which microSD card works at high bit rate. So far I tested the 2gb from Kingston and Sandisck and no one will play an mp3 properly. I have to reduce the bit rate, a hassle! I will keep testing more cards but that something that you should have done and share “brand name” before start making money out of this item. My next try is going to be Memorex traveler microSD, it claims to be class 6.

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