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  • Will this one work with any other microcontroller than the Arduino? I'm trying to use BS2 microcontroller instead.

  • The ground can be the connection where the RX and TX (FTDI) are located (GND) or one of the trigger pins on the left row.

  • Mike: you forgot R8 is also already on the board. R7,R8,R9,C3,C4 and C5 are already installed. Cut the trace is a good solution. But like you said is better implement circuit below for both audio outputs R and L. ______10uF____100 Ohms_______Ins | Outs ---10K------mp3 trigger ground

  • HOW CAN I CONNECT AND AUDIO SIGNAL? Basically I need to detect audio with a microcontroller. I guess connecting a mono audio output one wire to SIGNAL and Ground to GND, may work?

  • You can try an "audio isolation transformer". They have that in Radio Shack. I'm not 100% sure if will protect the mp3 trigger but may be Robertsonic can help you to find out.

  • The problem with connecting to a big amplifier is that doesn't have ESD protection. You will find that protection usually in devices like a receiver or a mixer with mp3 input (line level). You can build a circuit with a diode connected to ground. There is also something you can buy in radio shack that may work, I don't remember the name right now... let me search...

  • The basic stamp works at 7 bit. will not work, is that right?

  • Yes, you are correct. I think the problem is the BASIC Stamp can communicate at 7 data bits, 1 stop bit or 8 data, no parity, and 1 stop bit. The manual of mp3 trigger sayd 8 data bits. What do you think?

  • So the Mp3 trigger will not support baud rates of 9600? really? so whats the purposes of "quiet mode" if I can't use it?

  • Robertsonic please answer my question!!! How can I use the BS2 (parallax) to enter the mp3 trigger into Quiet Mode? and detect wich trigger was activated? SEROUT .....? SERIN......? Graztie!

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