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  • It is rather trivial to program the arduino-named boards without the arduino IDE (WinAVR or the avr toolchain on linux and so on). but i dunno what you mean with “Arduino Projects”, so whatever…

  • Yeah i also thought that that comment didnt make much sense, because there isnt a linear regulator setup to compare against, because boost… (also, if you have low enough voltage drop you can beat 77% with a linear regulator…)

  • The linked schematic and eagle files dont match with the shipped product (product says v13, schematics say v12)… but this https://github.com/sparkfun/Tiny-AVR-Programmer/tree/e9ce5eee6c851359ce4a9d7fdec24ce809564be4 seems to be what was shipped (eg the github a few revs ago.)

  • So the Dive made it here, here’s a rough list of what mine had:

    • A sparkfun flame cap (that is headwear, not a capacitor :P) … this was the first thing and surprised me very well
    • Arduino-Compatible PTH Kit - EDU SPECIAL. I’m still wondering what is special about this :P
    • DNA Memory Solutions 512MB MMC. Lol. (Maybe i’ll solder it to an AVR…)
    • 7 Segment shield. Green. With jumper wire moving TX pin… I wonder if it works.
    • 2x GPS-11703 UDB5 r10 (as in product pictures). In plastic wrapping. Maybe a return? Dunno if works.
    • some L298N setup with a mini tape-backed breadboard, L298N breakout, diodes, big stepper motor, …
    • Mega Pro 3.3V, through-hole parts clearly hand-assembled, no packaging.
    • Tower Pro SG-5010 servo
    • FlexiForce® … i think this is some kind of a force or flex sensor
    • USB Mini cable

    plus a bunch of 3x0.1" female - 3x0.1" female jumper wires that seem to be incorrectly assembled - the headers have a pin blocked and its a different pin on both ends thus only one wire would be usable on these… and one banana to biting clip adaptery thingy (cant bother to think words anymore…)

  • Btw i got one of those Dumpster Dives (got the ship notification a while ago… i guess i can trust it :P) - honestly was expecting to fail so i’m surprised (my ordered time was 2min 13s). But i have to say there was some weird glitch with getting it into the cart. I pressed add to cart and the website said in a javascript popup “undefined” … the second time i crossed the “dont allow more popups” that firefox suggested and then hammering the add to cart eventually worked. Weird.

  • laptop like

    I think its this.


  • Suggestion: sell the kit without the PCB. eg. I have a … special… piece of hardware that needs a different layout of pogo pins but still 6 pins AVR. I just ordered a modified version of the PCB from osh park and then tried to just order the 6-pin (2x3) header, standoffs, pogo pins and screws, but that combination was more expensive than the kit, so i got one of these kits, but it’ll be half wasted because i dont need the molex things or the jst thing or the pcb…

  • I’d like to see a datasheet for the RS0010. Does it/this have any brightness levels other than maximum and off?… The driver code is a bit badly commented (mostly the initialization reads like an objdump… “// Missing step from doc.” well what does it do? what doc?) and doesnt seem to have any brightness control other than the display on/off.

  • FYI “Peloton” means “fearless” in finnish. I was very confused for a long time until I consulted wikipedia. (Really means the main pack of cyclists.)

  • Youv could get rid (optionally atleast) of the potentiometer and offer digital contrast by plugging OC1B PWM output to RC filter (220ohm + 4.7u? or something) and that to contrast pin. Works in my ATmega328 + LCD-based device but I have OC0B and OC0A doing BL LED PWM and contrast and Port B as 8-bit LCD interface and no xtal (which I see you want for serial)…

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