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I was an Electrical Engineering student at Purdue University. Now I’m a software engineer at Dwyer Instruments, Inc.


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Dwyer Instruments, Inc.; American Scientific Affiliation

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  • That. Is. Awesome.

  • The version of this board I received has solder jumpers which connect CLR to VCC and connect EN to GND. Is that a newer version of this product? If so, could we have an updated schematic and product photos?

  • How about an open-source touch-free faucet that monitors and/or displays temperature and flow? With RFID toothbrush activation. Have you ever tried to brush your teeth with a touch-free faucet? It’s an exercise in futility.

    Could there be an IoT potty-training device? Or a project to train people to shower in less time? Or a project to train people to wash their hands correctly?

    Or a medicine cabinet which prevents children from poisoning themselves and/or helps people remember their medication and/or keeps track of when stuff expires. Creative displays involving the mirror itself would be a plus…

  • Haha…wow, you’re right about the bizzare brace style.

  • That sounds like a cool project!

  • Wow…I bought this on June 4, 2015. Today is June 15, 2015, and it’s discontinued. Looks like I bought this in the nick of time!

  • A few comments about the environmental effects of LED and CFL bulbs:

    When replacing incandescent lamps, remember that while LED and CFL provide cheaper lighting, they also don’t heat your house as much, so your heating and cooling costs may change.

    Incandescent lamps can be safely thrown out with regular garbage, but CFL (and maybe LED?) bulbs cannot, as they contain nasty stuff. Dispose of them as hazardous waste.

    Conservation isn’t just about reducing energy use. There are also finite natural resources to consider. LEDs in particular contain rare earth elements, and some people are worried that increased LED use may deplete them.

  • Seconded. It would be nice to see a write-up of differences between the Arduino language and C/C++, for those of us who are familiar with one and want to leap into the other.

  • Thanks for pointing me towards the Teensy 3.1, which looks like a great product.

    However, I’ve been looking forward to playing with the Atmel SAMD21 in an Arduino-shield compatible form-factor. Hence my enthusiasm for the Arduino Zero :)

  • Nice link! Here’s another one describing table-driven state machines:

    Writing Efficient State Machines in C

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