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  • The signal strength on this antenna is pretty bad. I had an improvement of nearly 7 RSSI by using the one suggested by N8B "Quad-band Cellular Antenna SMA"

    If you need the flexibility of this antenna, you can find low-loss SMA extension cables elsewhere. RG58 is the type of coaxial cable you're looking for.

  • This antenna works great. Significantly better than "Quad-band Wired Cellular Antenna SMA"

    The difference is about 7 RSSI (the value returned by AT+CSQ) tested on a GSM modem, in the middle of Boston.

    I coupled this with a low-loss RG58 SMA extension cable (not sold on Sparkfun) and the results are excellent. Nearly no signal loss in the cable.

    If you need a cellular antenna for your project with great signal, this is it.

  • This is going on my car so I'm sure it will get tested at some point ;)

  • Awesome, I only need TX.

    Since my project uses so much 5 volt stuff, I'm using a 5 volt arduino for simplicity, but there is already other 3.3 volt stuff, so I have an overkill 3.3 volt regulator already. I don't need RX, so that answer makes life pretty easy.


  • An option that has worked for me in the past is to sit this type of board on top of a board with matching through-holes, then solder the wires through both boards. Then just use the other board's mounting holes.

    Another option would be to drill a hole in a project enclosure, stick the antenna connector through the hole, and attach an antenna on the other side to keep it in place.

    Epoxy or glue is always an option.

    You can also get tiny zip ties and put them through the unused holes in the board.

    I can't think of any other options, but maybe someone else can offer something.


  • Will this board tolerate 5 volt serial from a 5 volt Arduino?

  • Wow. The range is an awful lie. 5-15 cm? Yeah right, it's barely 3 cm. Sparkfun, PLEASE update this page to reflect the REAL range so no one else gets scammed.
    I'm trying to make a better coil for it and trying the capacitor trick.

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