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  • I opened up my stk200 and used the continuity test on my multimeter to make sure the pinouts were right, and I found 3 of the 4 not connected to anything.
    Just wondering why all 4 need to be connected when only one is really carrying anything...
    Also, the reason I was checking pinouts is that I've now gone through two different ATMega168 chips that don't respond to anything all of a sudden.
    Well, the first one did for awhile and then stopped, but it was even buggy then (things like the LED only working until I unplugged the programmer, and then not working until the shield around the pins on the programmer were grounded. Something I found out by accident when I went to plug it back in.).
    The second one doesn't work at all. I get zero response.
    I thought at first all these problems were due to the fact that I received a 5v wall wart, and with the 5v regular there wasn't enough overhead, so my voltage rail was really around 4.75v. So I just received a 9v wall wart and it's a solid perfect 5v all around now. Still no help, however.
    Any thoughts?

  • I just got the parts in the mail yesterday... What's funny to me is that I thought all the components were much bigger than they actually are. Probably because I've only been looking at pictures for the past 2 weeks.
    But I put the power supply together, and it worked! The LED lit up and didn't burn out. And even more than that, I can read the schematics now too! It all makes sense now that I can see it in my hands and on the schematic.
    Thanks for these tutorials!

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