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  • Combined with the PGM-07834 JTAG OSD programmer, this kit
    worked (almost) rigth out of the box. The Crossworks compiler
    package from Rowley has several demo-projects for this board,
    and except for an incorrect clock divisor setting,
    it supports the JTAG OSD programmer well too.
    A very good starting point for projects with the LPC24xx.

  • This is a real improvement over the good old Lassen IQ logger. With the -159dB sensitivity you can even get some data inside light buildings. The intermittent logging feature is one way to deal with the power hunger of the Sirf III, it had however been much smarter if they had added some motion detection interrupt hardware as well. Instead I may have to modify the firmware and add some scheme with a different (shorter) sleep time for target on the move.
    And I really wonder why they had to glue the GPS module all over the component side of the logger, when the back side is plain empty. This is not friendly to the tinkerer; even the LPC Loader is hard to mount.

  • This is an exciting little device. Quite easy to use.
    It is however not very sensitive and requires that the antenna is pretty much out in open air, otherwise it makes strange detours in the log or doesn’t log anything at all. So for any concealed application, forget it. Better use one of the -159dB devices like the SIRF III used in Sparks new v2.4 logger.

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