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  • If you are connecting the battery to the barrel connector on the weather shield, you need at least 5V to run the 3.3V regulator on the shield. With the USB connected to the Photon, you power the onboard 3.3V regulator on the Photon itself, and that 3.3V powers the weather board. Also, I notice the shield regulator is only good for 150mA; it may not provide enough transient current to boot the Photon, especially when the WiFi section comes up. I think the regulator on the Photon is good for 500mA or so.

  • I had to reply to this, as your point about Lipos was the first thing I thought of when I saw kids' slippers and a Lipo in the same project. Maybe it is just a parent thing and how your brain gets rewired to protect your own kids from themselves and harm. I'd also use a simple AA holder and maybe put a software timer that shuts it off after a minute or two.

  • There are a few minor hardware issues the kit that have been mentioned. This is greatly overshadowed by the ROM file issue. I think the product description and guide for this should have more information regarding how to get ROM files. The product should be sold as a game emulator, because this is basically what it is. This seems to be the "hot potato" that the guide tiptoes around, and the product page barely mentions it. I've spent an afternoon discovering that I would need to do a research project on the games I own, and how to legally get ROM files for them. I'm guessing this one goes the way of "schedule overrun" for me.

  • There is a discrepancy between the telemetry code here and in GitHub. In the main loop, the first IF statement should look like this: if (waitForUpdate || millis() - bootupStartTime < communicationTimeout || batterySOC > 75.0 || pumpOn) The comparison operator is backwards in the code in the tutorial. This sends the Photon right to sleep in the "else" portion.

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