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  • Won't these be a bit tight? The holes in the Edison are 2mm, leaving little or no clearance for the screws.

    edit -> got some today.... the fit quite well. Now where to get this in bulk.

  • Top Gun stars: Then and now.

  • Looks like FTDI is pulling the new drivers

    ... oops didn't see Kamiquasi had already posted this

  • I Know I'm a bit late to the party here. First I'd like to say I have no problem paying for shipping or having a minimum order quantity for free shipping. I understand it is the cost of doing business.

    I just wonder how the Chinese vendors can ship a $1.00 cable or part with free shipping and not lose money.

  • Sorry if I'm missing something here, but it looks like both Timmeh and the i2c application by Tz are just using the current mirror as a crude current source. Wouldn't it be easier (and more repeatable) to use a simple current source instead?

  • Back in the 70's/80's I tried this with the finest (not nichrome) wire we could find. Found that it could not light the fuse of fireworks, but it could light a firecracker, so we would wrap the wire around the fuse of the firecracker, and stick the firecracker into the firework.

  • I have also used pololu for for there laser cutting services. They are great. I have used them from small 1 of prototypes to small (100-500pcs) production runs.

  • arghhhh.... photos show pinout as VCC, DTR, DSR, RTS, CTS, RI, CDC, SUSP1, SUSP2, RST and the schematics show it as GND, RI, DCD, DTR, DSR, RTS, CTS, VCC

  • Argh! I have the darnedest luck with sparkfun. Everything seems to happen just a little too late. Just placed an order, then they come out with something beautiful like this. I guess I'm just going to have to find an excuse to order some more stuff :)

  • Dang, I just got back from Shenzhen on Thursday (took me a few days to catch up on everything now that I'm back). Would have loved to have met you while there.
    Schenzhen is such a different city. Ended up with a few free days and spent it just exploring the electronics district around the SEG Tower. 3 days, and I bet I still missed half of it. Wish there was something like that in North America.

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