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  • So do I. :(

  • Just use a standard 4 pin header footprint. It will work, they have the same pin spacing.

  • I have used this with a nunchuck. But it went through a micro. You would have to convert the i2c data to something serial.

  • Thanks SparkFun!

  • Using Pic to Pic serial communications with these I can't seem to push it past 1200bps. It seems pretty stable there however. Using a DSO Scope I captured and compared the out going serial data from the pic and the output from the receiver module. They look alright at 1200bps but any faster and they go out of sync. 15 to 58 percent shorter pulses on the receiver end. Explains why it doesn?t work at high speed. Example: 1 bit on transmitter micro pin = 208us where as 1 bit on receiver output is 88us... BAD! Running at 4800bps.
    The transmitter end also takes a little bit to trigger so it could also be on that end of things. Overall it works for what I need it to

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