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  • I believe there are a few small typos on the P9/P8 headers as they relate to the GPIOs.


    PIN 14 -- GPIO_50 (currently marked as GPIO_40. It is port gpio1[18] => 1*32+18 = 50)

    PIN 17 -- GPIO_5 (currently marked as GPIO_4)

    PIN 18 -- GPIO_4 (currently marked as GPIO_5)

    PIN 27-31 -- GPIO all marked in the 12x's, should be 11x's

    These have been verified on the table/datasheet provided by BBB. Although, I have yet to check the software files relate as mentioned above.

    If the schematics are ever revised, or future capes designed it would be great to see this rev'ed! Cheers.

  • Hey. Is it possible to ship two of these batteries + another type? Or is the 2 limit due to air shipping?

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  • These boxes made me think of another neat storage box: Really Useful Boxes® Mini. They come in a number of sizes: Link. Unfortunately, they aren't the cheapest, maybe something Sparkfun would consider carrying to complement these boxes.

  • Please mark this part and the carrier board with EOL. It sucks when it is missed and a PCB is done and then you realize you cannot buy the part anymore...

  • So is it made up of smaller sections, that I could cut apart if required and they would still function correctly?

  • Hey,
    Is there any chance it would be possible to purchase this board without the IC installed, to use it for another InvenSense product with a similar layout?

  • I was wondering if anyone would know the total mass of this product with the IP67 housing? I found the mass of the sensor unit but not an overall mass. Thanks.