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  • +1, I'm also interested in this but can't make it.

  • you look back on and wonder why

    This is one of the things that so seldom gets properly documented, because when you're writing it's obvious why. I encourage all who write code to include the reason why more often than what. Sure, you've got some data and you're doing something with it. Those who come after can see what you're doing to it.
    So it gets properly formatted according to user preferences? That's the way the example did it, and this is copy+paste code? It's the way Pete said to do it, and nobody argues with Pete? Another department said they need it? Because the right way to do it just wouldn't work? Seemed like a good idea at the time?

    Also, as someone who has worked on an ERP with location based inventory for manufacturing, I'm curious how are you actually handling entering the stock transfers in a timely fashion?

  • So... it ends 2 weeks ago?

  • The last parts I need to super-charge my impact driver http://www.sparkfun.com/news/800

  • I once wrote some software to automatically figure out what to count (access frequency, value, location, etc), and make the daily count sheets. +1 for cycle count with ABC. Watch out for multiple locations, they can get you.
    I once worked somewhere where if R&D needed a part for something, they'd walk out and get it. Guess what that did to the inventory management system... R&D vs production. Fight!
    Cycle counting the item when inventory % box size == 0 sounds pretty smart. That's a great way to knock time off counts. I'm curious about worst case stats - under by a small number means there's a mostly full box to be counted.
    I wonder about what happens to buffer assisted counting if a new box has to be opened to finish an order. (need 5, 4 left in old pile) Everyone needs to follow the rules, or it all breaks down.
    I think if you get the QR codes on boxes, then you just need a robot to run around and scan all the full boxes. :) Sharpie the QR code (leave the mfr bar code) when the box is opened.