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  • Just a note about SKU/BarCodes.

    There is a large bottler of beverages out there. This bottler had an inspired employee helping to optimize there ingredient management system. One of the steps in that system is to make sure that can gets filled with the right product. All of the cans have a printed barcode on them. This industrious and smart employee went to the data gods and asked for a simple list. "I need a list of all the Barcodes tied to the product that is in them"

    He searched high and low. He had a simple concept.. Connect the barcode and product and force the check at the mixing equipment. Such an easy idea. Such a simple table that should be readily available...

    It didn't exist.

    It still does not exist.

    It should exist in some form unofficially. It does not exist in a master form officially.

    I managed to bring over my itunes folder. Most of the meta data is gone.

    Do not be surprised if you spend a lot of time manually entering the information in.

  • Prepare for the complement [sic] sandwich...

    I like the initial idea. It attempts to tackle a problem that is perceived to exist. The people at sparkfun who have managed to control their workshops are the ones that are likely to make this system work. I am doomed to make it fail. I am trying to control my kitchen, but I am in a battle between my knife and my cuisinart. I need to fix my roundabout in the corner cupboard. It needs fixing because it is plastic and I store 1 gallon containers of Sugar, Flour, Bisquick (why do I have bisquick and flour and baking soda and baking powder... DO NOT ASK.. Please... ), Chocolate Chips, more chips, more nuts, more .... All of which are stacked in a haphazard way that allows me to almost not find them when I am looking for them, but somehow I always find them.


    There are 4 heat sources in my kitchen ... Microwave, Toaster Oven, Gas Stove Stop, Gas Oven, ... Wait, there is also a waffle iron, a pseudo heated panini press, and then the barbecue outside... But there is also a fire pit over on the other side of the yard.

    There is the Freezer, the Fridge, the Pantry, the rollout pantry, the baking cupboard, the condiments cupboard, the spice cupboard, the spice rack and the big freezer outside.

    Starting with this little project is a nice little step... It is a great step. Getting all the pieces to work will provide lessons in how to make other stuff. The containers are what cause me to cringe. The part is "Standardized Size". That word causes my brain to scream...

    "Standardized" is why standard tool systems never quite work. To make the system work it has to be configured to you. The best you can do is create a system customize easily.

    I am cheering you on as a means of making your life better, more efficient. Individual project are what make SparkFun so awesome. You can make this work for you, that is all that matters.

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