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  • This is a cool little kit. Inexpensive and a slick design.
    However it's probably not the most amazing diagnostic tool. I've never owned a real scope, but I was trying to use this to debug a remote reset circuit for an arduino, and found that attaching the probe to the reset pin of the arduino completely changed the behavior of the circuit. I'm pretty sure that's not supposed to happen. :-)
    [disclaimer: It's possible I messed something up when building the scope kit or my circuit was exceptionally fragile or something.]

  • My sentiment exactly. I love sparkfun and free day was awesome, but the site was effectively down for the whole ~2 hours ("slow" doesn't really describe it). It would have been nice to see that acknowledged and a nice apology, like "Wow. We tried to beef up our servers, but you guys completely overwhelmed all of our expectations. The servers didn't have a chance. We're sorry for all of the frustration this caused. That wasn't what we were going for."
    But I'll assume that's what you meant, anyway. :-) (I still think SparkFun is awesome and Free Day has only reinforced that.)

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