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  • News - Your June Caption Contest | about 11 months ago

    TrXing my MegaBytes

  • Product KIT-11488 | about 2 years ago

    after I already bought the original BigTime and hacked it to have the time, day of week, date, temperature, and battery voltage and text animations…. (i downloaded the original code and modified it heavily)

    damn, this would have been perfect.

  • News - New Product Friday: Will … | about 2 years ago

    You could try using those small xenon tubes (i have a bag full of these tubes) from disposable cameras, they still look sparkey, less noisy, and only need about 2kv to fire directly without using trigger electrodes, the current draw will limit it down to 2kv anyway. Since the voltage will be much reduced it should be much simpler to manage channel separation.

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