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  • got it to work fine with Steve’s code:
    received debounce on an external interrupt for rain, had to add this code to get it to work…i think/hope
    // Interrupt handler for rainmeter. Called each time the reed
    // switch triggers (one tip of bucket).
    void countRainmeter()
    static unsigned long last_millis = 0;
    unsigned long m = millis();
    if (m - last_millis < 200){
    // ignore interrupt: probably a bounce problem
    last_millis = m;

  • Hi
    How do I connect this to Arduino Duemilanove?
    for mini:
    GRN: Reset pin and connects to the GRN pin on the Arduino Pro Mini. Pulling this line low will reset the ATmega328. Because there is a capacitor on this line, holding this line low will not keep OpenLog in reset.
    RXI: Serial input into OpenLog.
    TXO: Serial output from OpenLog.
    VCC: 3.3V to 12V input.
    GND: Ground
    BLK: This pin is connected to GND. Connect this pin to BLK on the Arduino Pro Mini.

  • Hi
    What do you think can the maximum cable length be from ardruino(powered by with external 5V power supply) to weather meters, if i use cat 5 cable connect to ardruino’s attachInterrupt/analogue pins, will it still work ok at 65 feet?

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