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  • One of three boards burned today. I simply connect it to arduino, morning, some testing, And at evening, dont work.

  • Hi,
    Firstly, Good work. I cant sent comment of your original post, . Web site says “you are not logged in”…
    Especially the steering.
    Can you explain the mcu program? About filtering, how can you process accelerometer and gyroscope data together, and how can you find exact slope angle?
    Also, if you can share program for understanding the how this system work i will very appreciated of that.

  • Eagle files?

  • I need them. Not one piece :)

  • can i use that for detecting a robot?
    for example using at a Sumo robot and detecting enemy robot with measuring its temperature? (because robots are metal and their temp are a little bit different)

  • should be another tool kit for only soldering, and cheap

  • thanks for the codes.
    i didnt test it yet, i am newbie for software based filters and analog sensors.
    what will give these codes to me?
    what kind of data? angle?
    i need x-y-z angle for meausering angles between board and ground.
    how can i use that codes for that?
    thanks again

  • is there anything about 6 dof imu with arduino?

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