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  • I have the previous version (PRT-09319) since 2009. For about the last 3 years it was in storage and I recently unpacked and powered it up again (12V switchmode wall-wart). As soon as I flipped the power switch the 100ยต tantalum exploded in my face (always wear safety goggles!). It was a yellow-brown cap, unfortunately now I'm unable to identify it further.

    Anyhow, managed to squeeze in a polymer aluminium in it's place (quite tight). Powered it up and it's working fine. PTC must have done it's job.

    Anyone else seen that? Long periods of storage fatal to tantalums?

  • Insanity. I purchased my first SPARCstation in 1993-4, several more over the years, and have been familiar with the processor architecture branding ever since.
    I stumbled upon SparkFun earlier this year and never made any connection between it and SPARC. I don't think anyone "compos mentis" and familiar with either or both would be confused.
    Even if these brands were soap, and we were dealing with janitors, I doubt there would be confusion.
    Net effect of hearing this news is that I assume SPARC is doomed, scraping the coin jar for funds, and should be avoided.

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