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  • News - Fluke, we love you but yo… | about a month ago

    On another note, what color are you going to make your new DMMs?

    And once again, I feel a company should not be able to claim a color and force other companies to use other colors. It just seems wrong.

  • News - Fluke, we love you but yo… | about a month ago

    So it sounds like the U.S. is allowing trademark law to limit the number of companies supplying Digital multi meters to the number of primary + secondary colors that exist? How does that make any sense? And how does color exemplify any uniqueness in the product itself?

    We use Flukes where I work, but I never once thought the color is what makes it a Fluke.

    Great Jorb Fluke…

  • News - February Caption Contest | about 3 months ago

    The crazy thing is, this picture was actually taken with the camera phone seen in this picture…

  • Product SEN-11486 | about 3 months ago

    Thanks! Don’t get me wrong, there’s no way you could have known unless you too bugged the manufacturer to get the same result. It’s just the way trying new products go. As long as you pay attention to your community of supporters who are willing to try new products and provide feedback.

    Invensense wants to target big buyers regarding the use of their “DMP”, and that’s their choice. I just hope it’s not too far from now when someone releases a similar device opensource ;0)

  • Product SEN-11486 | about 3 months ago

    In my opinion this should still motivate Sparkfun to modify the text-description to include a disclaimer; there is no DMP support if you buy this device. It should not be a selling point, because the buyer will not have the information required to utilize the DMP with this purchase (unless it gets released to the public by Invensense)

    When choosing my first IMU from Sparkfun, the on-chip DMP is also why I chose the MPU9150, but after a lot (and I mean a lot) of research with invensense, I came to the same dead-end conclusion; ‘no DMP for you’.

    I am still using this chip, as its still a very useful 3 x 3axis system (and don’t forget it measures temperature). However, it doesn’t take an IMU expert to understand which portions of this product are publicly available, and which portion is not.

  • Product DEV-12720 | about 3 months ago

    I’m still trying to understand this board as well… but it sounds like they are targeting this as an Arduino board emulator, which has performance upgrades (at least I expect so): like faster instruction execution, memory access etc.

    From reading, it sounds like there is some version of Linux which will ‘run’ your sketches on the device (the Arduino emulator?).

    Nice extra features which other Arduino devices don’t really have, for not too bad of price increase: - DRAM - USB Host + Device - PCI express (mini) - Ethernet

    I guess it’s up to the community to find a use for it…

  • News - Your SparkFun January Cap… | about 4 months ago

    Much like other known species, Engineers will perform odd rituals to claim both territory and parts alike.

  • News - Your SparkFun January Cap… | about 4 months ago

    Operation “The Ground is Lava” was once again a big success, suffering little-to-no casualties…

  • News - November Caption Contest | about 5 months ago

    The electricity bill grew 3 sizes that day…

  • News - Enginursday: Visually Pro… | about 7 months ago

    Visual Programming is just a higher level of programming. You may not have the low-level control you ‘think’ you need, but what visual programming does sometimes is optimizes your application. “There are many ways to skin a cat” comes to mind when using lower-level languages to develop applications, and there are many ways code inefficiently or even dangerously regarding resource consumption and other common pitfalls in very complex application development.

    Visual programming will be the future in industry, because it achieves optimal and repeatable solutions with a reduced amount of development time (often termed ‘rapid prototyping’). This also allows for faster software validation and modular software changes.

    Applications where personal safety are concerned (vehicle power-train controllers) are moving toward this method of development. Does it make sense to ‘visually’ program a controller to blink an LED? - probably not… but as complexity goes up, it becomes invaluable tool.

    Just my 2 cents

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