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  • I bought the matrix through Sparkfun through the product link and they are not the same matrix. At least not anymore, maybe whenever this was first uploaded.

  • I do not have an identical 64X64 LED matrix that was used in the tutorial. I have followed the wiring diagram and have guessed the rest of the pins like it has been suggested by Engladsaurus, and I have not had luck. I do not see any of the LEDs lighting up. I have gotten the code to work on the ESP32 Thing so I do not know how to proceed. I have tried to follow other tutorials to see if the matrix is operational but they do not have any wiring for ESP32 Things. Could there be an update to the tutorial that is compatible with the matrices that are sold by Sparkfun, or a wiring/test code for the 64x64 matrices to see if the matrices work as they are supposed to?

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