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  • This is possible but it takes both some soldering and a software kludge.

    1. Match bootloading port rates for your arduino type.
    2. Use MDM SPP profile (S~,3).
    3. Solder a lead to GPIO10 (pin33) which is DTR under MDM SPP.
    4. Unfortunately DTR is held low all the time, so invert that with some circuitry (I had a CD4009 about) and connect to arduino reset pin.
    5. The software now sets DTR backwards since we have to invert it, so download the source for avrdude (match version with arduino software build). In arduino.c:arduino_open(), toggle DTR back to low after it's toggled low then high. And in arduino.c:arduino_close() set DTR high instead of low to reset after loading.

    Works on my mac, I just have to remember to switch the DTR toggle back when using USB instead of bluetooth.

  • Here's an example Arduino sketch for this device.

  • For Arduino 0020 and later you should select 'Arduino Pro or Pro Mini (3.3V, 8 MHz) w/ ATmega328' for this board, not what it says in the description. Otherwise things like timing and serial rates will be half what you expect.

  • I actually interviewed at a company just across the street from SFE a month ago. I was incredibly excited to potentially be brining home new parts every day after work. But then my previous company offered to double my salary and let me work from home. So I'm stuck in the living room gazing wistfully toward the reservoir from Boulder. Ahh c'est la vie.

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