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  • If you knew the kind of stuff I worked with you would laugh at having asked that question:p

  • Can the 10m LED wire be cut into shorter lengths to run at lower voltage?

  • I have found blue and purple LEDs both make fluorescent pigments fluoresce, but there is a lot of variability between manufacturers and background lighting conditions are important to the overall effect.

  • These are way more flexible than the HL1606 based strips I built my 2010 Burning Man art project with:
    With the HL1606 you can only do 3-bit color (RGBCMYW) individually addressed. You can get more color range in gradients which is pretty but quite limited. Can’t wait to try some of these out!

  • FYI, The scale reference in the pictures is hilariously wrong.
    How easily will one of these fit into a protoboard with 0.1" spacing?

  • Can someone explain what the AIN (Audio) pin is for and how to use it? To my novice eyes, it appears there is a pull-up resister on this pin and a high-pass filter (0.1uF cap) in series connecting it to one of the ATMega’s ADC pins.
    Personally, I would like an accessible ADC pin to connect one of sparkfun’s amplified microphone break-out boards (either the MEMS or Electret version) and then run an FFT like this:

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