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  • Hi,
    Thank you very much for the assistance, it’s seams that I have
    progress in solving problem with my board.
    I have just tried to use RESET pin (tied +5V and reset pins for the
    short time, just touch them) and it seems that that board works
    properly :-) it’s a good news. Unfortunately after 4-5 seconds video
    output on TV is missing, so I have to tie them again. Does it mean
    that RST and +5V pins must be tied permanently?

  • I have attached video-out from video camera to “Video In” on the OSD board and “Video Out” from the board to the video-in on TV. But it seams that there is no any signal on my TV. So, what’s wrong? Should I do something different?
    OSD board is getting power from Duemilanove, on +5V/GND pins I have ~4.92V. Unfortunately I can’t see output on TV at all. it seems that OSD board is not passing through any video signal. Camera –> TV works OK (on AV3), but Camera –> OSD –> TV does nothng. For tests I use plain DVD handycam and home TV (PAL).
    I also tried to disconnect SPI pins, just to power the OSD board and check whether board is transparently passing video signal or not, but it also was unsuccessful.
    Is there any way to measure video signal on input and output on the board or understand whether OSD board is properly working or not?

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