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  • Have you managed to get the uC to talk to the GPS? How did you end up getting the unit to respond?

  • I have a feeling that you skipped over OddOne's reply because it told you something you don't like so I'll repost it for you
    To everyone that feels that they were burned, all I can say is this:
    SFE gave away a hundred thousand bucks' worth of goodies to over a thousand people in less than two hours, and made it VERY CLEAR how it was going down, -including- warning that traffic would be a nightmare. There was no prerequisite requirement such as being an existing customer, only the thrill of the hunt and the very real possibility of coming up empty-handed, which I among a myriad of others did. Am I upset about it? Nope, still gonna order some goodies from here because I use the crap outta Arduino Pro Minis and SFE's Arduino-fu is exceptionally strong.
    Anyone that still have the colossal gall to be upset because they didn't get something for nothing needs to go outside and interact with something other than a computer for a while.
    In short, if you're whining like a tired toddler because you didn't get some freebies, get over yourself.

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