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  • Hello :-)

    Im making this wearable circuit where I would like to use a few sensor (will describe it above) and Im wondering 1. If it would be posssible only with Lilypad MP3 or if it would need another Lilypad 2. How much power would it need and what would be the best battery for it (thinking about a LiPo 1000mA)

    Sensors: 2 tpm36 (2analog pins) + 1 pulse sensor (1 analog pin) + 1 vibe board (1 digital pin) + 1 heating pad (1 digital pin + different battery font) + Sd card as datalogger. With this setup I would use all 5 pins availiable in the board, but dont know if Sd card needs to use any of those pins to be use as a datalogger. Also couldnt find how much power (v and amps) the Sd card takes.

    Any thoughts about it? It will be greatly appreciated :-)

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