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  • I'm a hobby guy doing a robotics course at coursera and I hit this page while looking for code to get my arduino robot talking to Matlab. Now the Matlab license I have doesn't include Simulink but based on this video and other simulink stuff I have seen recently it does look interesting.

    So to me the appeal of a tool like simulink is being able to try out a lot of ideas without being bogged down in implementation too early. Of course for producing final hardware and software you can't rely on purely visual tools(yet?) but on the way to a final design it would be 'more' fun to simulate different designs.

    Being able to simulate something before I actually build it, is in fact a killer app that is worth actual money BUT If I have to build a mathematical model for each electronic component and each bit of mechanical hardware that I am ACTUALLY interested in then that is not practical in the way that say software like Eagle CAD is. Eagle CAD is not the greatest software but the internets is full of Eagle footprints and schematics and even I've made some now. It has the utility of being pervasive.

    So yeah maybe Cadsoft proved that if you want to be a default standard you need to give something valuable away to get the ball rolling. Mathworks, Wolframalpha for devices and probably Autodesk will all be trying get people to make models for their software and they still might end up losing out to a good enough opensource solution that comes out of nowhere. Fun times ahead.

  • It isn't till you try and build a bot with a standard arduino that you notice how nice of a design this is. Even if you aren't going with servos; with all those headers you could plug in 16 Sharp IR sensors and be covered by that 3A smps. I'd use different serial ports to keep the programming port separate from telemetry and control. 6 interupts for wheel encoders. If there was a nice red protoboard of the exact same dimensions to plug into this that would be a good combination.

  • Breakout ADC6 and ADC7 pls.

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