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  • A good tip for desoldering (especially QFP packages) is ChipQuik. It works great!

  • I agree with sgrace. Is there more data that you can provide? Strength is an interesting parameter, but what about how it holds up to heat, water, sun (UV)? What is the texture differences (for if you are going to hold it)? Are you able to sand all these materials to make them smoother? I know that if I were making something (say a case for something) these parameters may be more important than just strength.

  • Now you just need EagleCAD for Chrome…

  • Your point is still not valid. The virtual infrastructure is already there and will require continuous improvements and scaling. The bigger question I have for you is whether you believe (for example) that the FCC’s involvement in radio stations makes for it easier or more complex for a start up to create a radio station. I believe, based on numbers, that it makes it more difficult. Like everything that government does (through regulation) it makes it more difficult to do anything (not less difficult).

    Further examples… since the department of education was created have schools gotten better? Has college tuition decreased since the government began backing grants and student loans? Has energy gotten cheaper since the department of energy was created?

    I am not totally against government or regulation, but it is important to understand that the founders of our country did not believe in the things that the present government is doing. The government was not created in a way to allow for efficient providers of services (that is why it sucks so badly at doing it).

  • Your examples are not valid to this situation. The electrification and Communications Acts were passed at a time before the industries were up and running. The Internet is already running. Here is a better example. How much do you know about Armstrong (invented of FM radio)? He invented and built up radio stations with FM and then the FCC (pushed by lobbists - especially from RCA) changed the frequency spectrums for FM and let him to bankruptcy and then suicide.

  • The naivety in the post defending the FCC’s actions is fascinating. Expecting the government to solve any issue with respect to the Internet is misguided. I like the person talking of taking back the Internet from the big corporations. The problem is that the large corporations have all the money and lobbies. They will ensure that they are protected. It is like when people press for taxes to be raised on the rich. The rich will use their money to find the loop holes and create them with lobbyists.

  • Seems like another instance of “solve a problem that doesn’t exist”. The internet, as it stands today, works well. Obviously there are some bad things that occur, but allowing government into it will be bad for everyone. This is certainly a step forward towards taxing it.

  • I would use it for a laser tag system. This would fit perfectly into the gun assembly to make some cool firing and reloading sounds. Possibly taunting you too while you fire. I would also integrate it into the laser tag suit to make sounds when hit.

  • It says working lifetime is 100,000 hours. How does that compare to a standard LCD module?

  • Boulder Colorado auditions for “Night At the Museum 3”.

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