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  • Other quick remark:
    When you wrote the comment, all 6DOF had the HP filter that would hide the constant part of the output signal, i.e. for instance if you were rotating the 6DOF at a constant speed.

  • Hi D.Walt,
    I also have a 6DOF that I have not powered up yet.
    I would like to do the necessary mods before soldering it in place, but before I remove the high-pass filter I would like to know if you did pulse the high pass filter reset pin either on power up or after you measure a saturated output.

  • Quick question: when you say "when I tilt the IMU", do you mean that it is sitting still although tilted?
    If so your readings are normal - the gyros measure an angular speed - you need to be currently rotating the IMU to see the gyros output change.

  • Agreed with just a few remarks:
    (1) First experimentation tells how axis are aligned and directed - then SMOP.
    (2) As for deriving (well, in fact integrating) the absolute position, it all depends on (a) whether the sensors ever saturate, (b) if your application can zero the sensors accurately over a period of time and (c) how long your measurement lasts compared to the imprecision of the sensors.
    Mine lasts for a few seconds - I am more concerned about accelerometer saturation at this point.

  • How loud?
    In my experience not nearly enough.
    I am driving mine at 2kHz (2000Hz as opposed to 2048Hz) because of the settings of the timer I use and the volume is pretty low.
    I was hoping to make it a beeping tone to help find the rocket once it has landed but with the volume I get out of it I will have to find the rocket first in order to assess if it is beeping.
    Now, admittedly the response curve has peaks and I might be just on the edge of the high-response peak - but if so you can forget your whistle tone as a slight variation of frequency cuts it by 20dB according to the datasheet, and the low noise is, well, low.

  • Quick note to those of you who try to process interruptions with modified projects based on the logomatic code downloadable from sparkfun:
    Startup.s already contains an interruption wrapper that retrieves the interrupt vector and calls it as a standard function, therefore your ISR (Interrupt Service Routine) should NOT be declared with attribute "IRQ" at all: it is just a normally called function.
    It should still, however, clear the intiial cause for the interrution it is servicing and it also needs to write a 0 at VICVectAddr before returning.
    I hope it helps.

  • I wholeheartedly agree: 32bits with the kind of cranking power we get with an NXP2148 at the current price is what I have been dreaming for for years.
    Actually I believe that after Arduino, one of the actors positioning itself very smartly for the next round could well be SFE with boards like the logomatic.
    Make them a little more versatile, organize a dedicated repository so that people can exchange sources and ensure everything remains GPL and here you go.

  • Update:
    Problem solved: was some oxydized solder blob that was shorting the BSL to the nearby ground pin.
    So all is rosy again in logomaticland as far as I am concerned.

  • Aaaaaargh!
    My Logomatic does not boot anymore.
    It was working JUST FINE and I didn't change ANYTHING!
    (or so the usual claim goes...)
    Anyway I posted a problem description on the forum (http://forum.sparkfun.com/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=22707)
    My best leads so far:
    Either my clock is dead or the PLL is fried or does not report when it has stabilized.
    Every suggestion is welcome.

  • One last comment:
    It would be GREAT if you could publish the same board again but where all port pins are extended to a via or a header pin.
    They don't need to be in any meaningful order, they just need to be accessible and documented on some PDF.
    Other suggestion that I already did a few months ago - How about selling this buddy in kit?
    I would not even use the actual PCB but wrap my own: my current project requires three layers of PCB (logomatic, 6DOF IMU and my own PCB in between) and I do not trust the connectors contact considering the efforts they are going to be submitted to (rocket flight controller).
    (Well, ok, water rocket, that is.)

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