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Taylor BMI

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  • I'd use a 10V ceramic in 0805 or 0603 (standard not metric) SMT package

  • Yes, you did!

  • russosv: This is a great tutorial thanks!
    One question (hopefully not a stupid one!) I noticed you used an electrolytic cap for AC coupling- probably because it's impossible to find a non electrolytic cap at that capacity. I was just wondering if that's "bad" in general to do in my projects?
    The reason I ask, is that the purpose of the cap is to eliminate the DC bias... so does that mean that the current is alternating through the electrolytic cap?
    If it *is* "bad", then how is this type of coupling done in production circuits?

    It's not AC current that's the issue, the issue is whether the voltage across it changes polarity. (If you could only have current going across it one way, you'd have to throw out your capacitor after you charge it up because you couldn't discharge it :p) In this case the voltage on the DAC side is going to always be greater than the speaker side, so you should be okay.
    FWIW, there are ceramics of that size, there are also nonpolar electrolytic capacitors.

  • I'm looking at the data-sheet for the AD5330, and it says that it can drive 500Ohm outputs, the speaker has an impedance of 8ohms.
    From the looks of this, I would expect the AD5530 to be overheating, the voltages to be very saggy, or both.
    Are you seeing any of that, or is my analysis of the situation incorrect?

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