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  • my bad, it resets unless I have a battery plugged into it...I'm confused...

  • I hooked a variable power supply to my tongue piercing and hit it with 12 v, I felt the direction of the electron flow, reversed the polarity and felt it go the other way...totally cool, till my classmate reached for the dial and spun it...I yanked the probes off the piercing in time, hehehe. Good times in college...

  • 8020 aluminum rules. I built a cnc milling machine frame from that stuff.

  • Just received the new FIO. and when I power it up....The charging led goes on but not the power led. Anyone else have this? My older one( the last version) works as it should...Also this fio is blinking, so the code works, but the leds are not right..???

  • any chance on a small version of this for very small apps?
    Drip control type-valve perhaps?
    And also maybe a 5v version?

  • any illuminated pics? It would be nice to see one all lit up. I'm probably going to buy a few, but it would help push me over the edge into purchase-ville.

  • any chance of 25 packs of these?

  • Member84342:

    I tried for 2.5 hours to login in. no luck You think a tech company would have upgrade the servers for the volume of traffic. I am disappointed.
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    Did you miss all of 2010 when they ripped up the tracks and started all over? Fresh new bigger better faster..
    We all simply are too much for almost any reasonable commercial-based system their size can be.
    They aren't google dude. we are talking about flooding gateways in their farm probably too.
    And we're persistent as hell too.
    I had 3 browsers open, and my galaxy tab too. I was trying the whole time and got to answer 3 questions at the end.
    Sparkfun rules!

  • people can be such crybabys, even when it comes to free. The good users of this site know better. We all appreciate your awesome idea/investment of freeday, regardless of our individual struggles.
    ITS EXCITING. I feel worn out when its over.

  • Que?

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