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  • The comment about cost really comes down to how many items you plan to track and total cost of ownership.

    The reader you linked to in this article is rather inexpensive (most I've seen are around $1400-1600 USD) and even that I'd consider to be fairly competitively priced.

    If you look at alternative tracking technologies (UWB / BLE) the price per tag is significantly higher than $0.25-0.50 per tag, so if you plan on tracking more than 10-15 items, then what you've presented here is in fact the lower total cost solution

    for example: $99 (for 4 tags) AirTag bundle is right around $25 per tag so 15 items @ $25 per item is right around $375, vs $0.4 x 15 + $350 for the scanner which would put you at $356 for the RFID solution

    This isn't taking into consideration passive RFID tags (as you mentioned) also don't use batteries, so there's also no need to replace batteries down the road so no residual maintenance cost (though they may fall off so you might have to replace them if what they're stuck to doesn't stay stuck).

    On the down side localization of RFID isn't great, going purely on RSSI which is prone to interference and reflection but is better than nothing. UWB tends to outshine RFID or BLE in localization / RTLS but as has been mentioned is far more expensive per tag.

    Great article!

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