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  • Whats the max baud rate of one of these things for serial communication and also whats the max data rate using the wifi because im guessing its not in megabits seeing that the thing is running a virtual machine inside the processor and the like?

  • Yea I was thinking just single channel audio streamed from an acces point to the imp which would then be sent out of the DAC to be played through a speaker. So my question is would it be able to play decent quality audio if its only a single channel?

  • Hmmm does anyone know if its going to be possible to stream audio to the imp and it would output the audio from its analog out or is the imp not designed for that kind of throughput?

  • Hi mike Ive managed to find every component but the inductor. none of the suppliers that i have looked into stocked a 47uH inductor with a DCR of under an ohm as well. Im sorry for bothering you about this so much as well.

    Thanks, Roy Cohen

  • Ahh thanks for the help :)

  • Hi Im working on a board that would like to use this step up converter but it would be my first SMD project. Is there any chance you guys can post the component ID's for all the passives on this board so i can use the same ones on my board?

  • Wait is it using the 32khz crystal as the system oscillator and does that mean i cant just use the schematic and load the correct boot loader because you guys have configured the chip specifically to run on this mode

    To put in context im building a device that would be controlling the display and needed to be very low power. So my question is, would I be able to buy the same cpu from digikey burn that arduino bootloader to the atmega328 and use the same components without having sparkfun configure the chip to use the oscillator at 32khz?

  • does each led on the display draw 20 mA or net current draw is 20 mA. sorry the data sheet wasn't so clear or i probably just missed something.

  • Is this visible in sunlight very well?

  • ahhhh thanks I ordered them a while ago and was never actually sure so I just let them rest but thanks for the help :)