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  • So what reason do you think they picked a yellow meter with a grey face? Is it because psychologically yellow and grey helps people do better electronics work? I'm sure it was chosen to mimic a Fluke, if not it would have been red like the rest of spark fun's products.

    I'm not trying to knock Sparkfun - they are a great company - but whether it was a conscious decision or not its still the fluke color scheme.

  • also interested in this ... this module does not have a lot of documentation from what I have found. at least not in the way of easy to follow examples without using pre-existing libraries like for Arduino.

  • And will it carry a higher price tag .. I just ordered the resistive touch from another site and I'm really going to regret it if the capacitive is the same price.

  • It says +5 volts, being analog will it work correctly with a supply of 3.3v ?

  • Would this method work for uploading a program compiled in AVR Studio as a .hex file or would it need to be compiled with the Arduino libraries?

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