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  • Hi All,

    We are trying to get MPU9250 breakout board work with an Arduino mega. We tried many libraries online (including the one here), our AD0 pin is grounded (so I2C address is 0x68), we connected SDA and SCL to the corresponding SDA,SCL on mega board. VDD and VDDIO are connected together (by default), which we connected to 3.3V on mega. To be specific, connections we have are:

    (Breakout) ..... (Arduino Mega) SDA........SDA SCL........SCL Vdd (=vddio by default)....3.3V Gnd......Gnd

    We are getting communication error:

    MPU9250 I AM 0xFF I should be 0x71 Could not connect to MPU9250: 0xFF Communication failed, abort!

    We are not using any LCD, in fact we are only interested in the accelerometer output. Could somebody please help on this?

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