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  • Does anyone know how to convert the spectral data to CIElab values ? I have one on order and need to convert. Thanks.

  • How to calculate CIElab values from the spectral data from this device?

  • Did you ever figure this out ? I too need to control 2 motors independatly. The only solution is maybe to use a teensy 3.2 that has 2 i2c busses.

  • I have 3 or 4 of these and they are great for breadboarding. The housing is nicely made, but useless for panel mounting. It would have more useful to have a bezel. They claim to have STL files to make your own case, but STL cannot be modified much. STEP or IGES files would have been better. There is need for an input device - some buttons would have been nice. The biggest problem however the lack of API documentation. The github material is all old and appears that someone just gave up writing the documentation sometime last year. This could be a great seller but needs more support. The elementary tutorial is not enough.

  • Bought one of these to try out but returned it. The linux side is a really pitiful. RPI is a much better choice. The link between the arduino is in theory great, but not really that useful. It is just a serial link and they used up the only hardware serial line. Seriously the UNO is obsolete. Coupling it to a linex machine is useless. Get a 32bit teeensy 3.1 and serial to RPI. Now you can do anything ! Three extra hardware serial lines I2C I2S and two SPI.

  • This is junk. I bought 3 of these and could never get them to work. The Arduino code does not even work on stock UNO. Their website is totally bogus and just spits ads at you. Other people on their forum complained that the device did not work but nobody ever replied with a fix or even a comment. To add insult to injury if you decide to post on the forum you have to endure listening to some useless 12 second ad (Progressive insurance !) so you can get the capcha code to submit the comment. What a joke ? A support forum is there to support users not to generate revenue for the site. Complete waste of $ 75.

  • Got this thing to work fine with headphones but I cannot seem to make it work with a simple external 12W audio amp ! I am using a KEMO 12W mono amplifier from mcmelectronics.com. I get the audio, but tons of hum. I even get hum when no audio is playing. Any ideas ? I am an audio dud. Also, do I need to worry about anlog output protection ? I am using WIG-11029 and the amplifier is on the same 12 volt power supply.

  • Found the correct pinout on the comment to the red version of this part. Sparkfun - you should correct the datasheet.

  • Any idea how to wire this thing ? I bought two but cannot get any LED to light up. The data sheet indicates pin 5 and 10 (!) to be +ve. I assumed that grounding any other pin via 200 ohm should light up a segment. There is marking for pin 1 but how are the others designated ? What stupid thing am I doing ?

  • Don't waste your money on this product. It does not work reliably and tech support is non-existent. You are better off to buy a propeller (www.parallax.com) and program it to a serial RS232 to VGA converter.

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