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  • Erg. Some frustration here.
    I’m just starting to look at this module. One thing I wanted to check was quiescent current.
    In trying to measure that, I keep getting the module into a mode where it’s basically shorting out the supply.
    It seems to happen when I’ve got absolutely no load (no connection) on the output. Then if I take the input voltage down to zero and bring it back up, the input is pretty much shorted; I blew the fuse on my multimeter verifying this.
    I don’t get it: somehow this gets into a mode where it is taking >300 mA if allowed.
    By the way, the quiescent current when things are going well is .24 mA @3V, .17mA @ 4V, and .34mA @ 2V input.
    Any ideas on avoiding short out the battery mode?
    (All testing so far was with bench power supply, so maybe the internal resistance of a battery might help?)

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