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  • Nate, you did a good job on hacking, it's almost done... Monitoring the old Leica software, I saw it pulls down the RTS line before sending the already known "power_on/reset" command ('a' \r \n). Moreover, looking at other Leica device's documents with serial interface, I would guess the first two pins on the 8-pin SMD connector footprint could be RTS/CTS.

  • This xenophobic and offensive comment, hidden by an anonymous account, doesn't make any sense. The EasyUSB solution has many advantages over other USB converters since it allows to implement multifunctional devices (mass storage and serial communication) without needing to develop custom drivers or composite peripherals. This innovative technique has an international patent application and the solution can be extended also to other platforms even to your own design. Read the documents carefully, check out the software examples and finally, if you have doubts or requests, contact the development team.

  • Hi swort,
    4MB, 8MB and 16MB versions are available under request.
    It's also available the MCU only, in order to integrate it into your own design.
    Contact the development team: info@inventionslab.com

  • Thanks stevech. The device will be available indefinitely, produced directly or by third parties.

  • Hi saccade, this is intended to be a low cost interface. Additional features or components would increase the costs. Please read the previous comment.

  • Hi N0JCF, this is a low cost interface with a high optimized firmware, so there is no room for additional features. However the provided functions are sufficient to easily make read/write operations.<br />
    In the future will be released an advanced module with other interesting features and the functions that you have proposed will be included.<br />

  • Actually, not rely on CDC drivers or composite peripherals could be a huge advantage (specially on Windows). I believe the multifunctional solution fully based in a high compatible mass storage device can be useful in a lot of projects.

  • Hi Dean, on the SDK there are Windows and Linux libraries and examples. The library's scope is to get an even easier software development: there are only small read/write functions.

  • I'd like to point out that, more than a simple mass storage system, it allows the implementation of a serial communication link between software and device without drivers' headaches... that's an easy and fast way to get USB connectivity on custom devices. Check the datasheet and the SDK.

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