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  • What about a loyalty points program? You know, like "$1 in SparkBucks for every $10 spent"? I don't know, it just occurred to me. It's not really a "Free Day" thing, but it does reward customer loyalty...

  • Yeah, a J-Link is also $300, unless you qualify for a $60 J-Link EDU.

  • I want a USB-to-115v mains cable just to annoy all the people that freaked out over the Cerberus cable.

  • Yeah, they may be cheaper, but there's also something to supporting a company you like. Particularly a company that I've gotten things free from, twice.

  • In that case, is there any (relatively easy) way to fix the older version of the board to use the correct inductor? I have the older one too.

  • I'd love to see more QFP adapters in general, particularly ones for the most common pin counts (32, 44, 64, 100). Of course, if I'd just get off my butt and learn Eagle, I could just have BatchPCB make me up a bunch of them... ;)

  • There's a long story about this I read somewhere on a blog (probably Adafruit or EMSL)... but the bottom line is that the first Arduinos had a layout error, and by the time it was noticed, the first shields had already been produced too.

  • After all, people routinely stick reflow ovens in their kitchens, right?
    Just me?
    ...Never mind.

  • Oh, if only there were a way to charge each and every idiot who complains that they didn't get their free stuff. You'd be able to finance an infinite number of Free Days just from the money you'd be raking in from the WAAAAAAAMBULANCE.
    I was one of the lucky ones last year. This year I tried, made it to the first quiz question, couldn't submit it before time was up. It was frustrating, it was disappointing, but folks, THAT'S LIFE. DEAL WITH IT.

  • "Standard" I2C plug? As far as I know there is no mechanical standard for I2C.