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  • That is a pretty fantastic offer. Even though it's still a month out, I'm already worrying about whether or not I'll be able to participate, and your generosity is inspiring.
    That being said, I'd be happy to give you my address and a wish list under $100 if you want to make my Christmas so much better than any of my luddite relatives ever could :D. Then I wouldn't have to worry about being up at 9:00am during winter vacation.

  • You should've hosted it after free day. ;P

  • This is a fantastic package that I'd highly recommend to anyone getting started with microcontroller programming. The book is substantial, and the parts included are used to their fullest potential.
    I love SparkFun for their original products, but I feel that they overcharge for certain things that are quite abundant (for example - nobody should ever pay 15 cents for a 1N4148, a part which is frequently priced out to tenths of a cent). This is one of those situations. What's especially interesting is that not once in the description does it say anything about Parallax - the maker of this kit - giving the impression of exclusivity. SparkFun has marked this item up by 50% of its value - that's OK for small components that are a dime a dozen, but for an $80 kit, this is unacceptable. If you are looking at buying this kit (which, again, I highly recommend), DO NOT BUY IT FROM SPARKFUN. part number: 5229667

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