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  • Got great support to troubleshoot the issues. Many thanks, really appreciate!

  • Posted there (too).

    Guess as router incompatibility you refer to the WiFi access point?

    Will try with other APs ...

  • Hi Hugo,

    same problem as some others on your forums: blinking off-red-orange

    the imp shows up in the WLAN network:

    • it's MAC address is listed as DHCP client,

    • gets an IP address,

    • can ping from the same subnet (laptop)

    using BlinkUp to config WLAN, there is ONE green blink, than it goes on off-red-orange forever

    using BlinkUp to "Clear Wireless Configuration" there are THREE green blinks, than it goes on off-red-orange forever

    • WLAN is open (no password)

    • BlinkUp app is on IPhone4 MC603B, IOS 6.0 (10A403)

    • can access

    Any ideas?

  • Yes! This is a perfectly valid use case, and makes a lot of sense for periodic use, as a reason for moving around the imp in different devices. Thanks for your comment. :-)

  • Come again, what's that example moving around an imp in devices? ;-))))))))))

    Joke aside ... the main driver seems to be be enabling future functions in products while keeping the initial price low for a buck or less in quantities (by adding a $0.40 SD socket and a $0.60 ID chip).

    Fair enough even, if I'm coming from a completely different angle (around 180 degrees) where the connectivity is the central feature between a HTTP API and I2C-speaking sensors.

  • With all my respect and acknowledgement of the efforts and cool features ... I'd like to buy that imp-enabled oven (or anything else which is imp-enabled). Where and when can I buy it? Today I can't even buy an imp-enambled SD socket.

  • Thanks #222917! PINs: need 4, I2C power included so that's a perfect fit. Cheapest: Bluegiga and Roving networks are on similar price level, similar size. Sealed enclosere and the photo diode for configuring from smartphone: really cool. (Roving has an app to configure through UDP broadcast via an iPhone app, which equally does the job, without an optical trick ;-) )
    Agree with you missing an option to write your own code and comparing to WiFi module on your onw PCB. What makes attractive for me is the I2C being ready from the imp programming surface. Maybe there are some other WiFi modules ready for I2C, just could not find any?

  • First of all many thanks for your comment, Hugo / #74326. May I challange you? Can you give an other example? When it comes to "Internet of Things", M2M, etc., what comes in my mind is "always-on" coffee machine, fridge, micro, bike and similar stuff. I'd just put an imp in there and leave it forever to enjoy the cool features anabled by imp. If the imp should go into those, how big is that ecosystem? i.e. how many coffee machines have SD slot AND Atmel Crypto? How bright is the future for such an ecosystem?

  • Many thanks blahblahblah ... I will do that. (And that's what I meant on back to hw hacking.)

  • Great idea (user friendly, concentrate on the app development and not the hardware hacking), this could be exactly what I am looking for ... except ... just can't get my head around why they could not put the Atmel Crypto chip in the module itself? So now need to wait until the dev kits come out or back to hardware hacking? Ahh ...

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