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  • Review: The HX711 is THE “Mighty Might”! We can’t say enough about this little wonder. The only problem we found was with the omission of one little important item in the documentation and that has to do with increasing the data output rate (at the expense of sample rate/accuracy which we have proven is negligible). The board as supplied has an existing trace between the two solder pads immediately above TRACE and this trace needs to be cut to enable 80 SPS (RBB01). This was required to log the very fast data coming from our Sugar Rocket Motor Data Logger Test Bench. We are capturing a reading every 50 milliseconds and using SparkFun's 10Kg load cell With this we are able to replicate the published data of store bought rocket motors; completely validating what the HX711 can do! The next project I used this on was to measure to a ridicules .01 gram accuracy (utilizing a 300g load cell pulled from a 20$ scale) and also control a stepper motor (stepper motor stops when target weight is reached), all with amazing consistency too! There is absolutely no difference between what you can measure with an HX711 and an expensive digital weigh scale. The BIG difference is that the MIGHTY HX711 can do a lot more & it’s inexpensive too! Buder Rocket Boys (mastering the art of sugar rockets)

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