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  • Is there a schematic for the board ( or any of the Photons ) ? I'm looking for full-duplex RS485 in a shield and wondering what is on the two RJ11 connectors (RS232 ?). I tried the Spark IO web site but it seems outdated or "coming soon" pictures.

  • I really like your tutorial and now have a schematic with 9 ICs (8 are optos). Through hole -- old school 5V ttl. Two questions:
    (1) I pulled a 74165 from the eagle library. How do I tell the board tool about its power pins? The block diagram has data and control lines only. Any helpful URLs?
    (2) I auto-routed the board, then I added some resistors. The "error checker" states the resistors are not part of the board. Duh. Can I transfer them over without re-laying out the whole board (it takes about 30 minutes, really, no biggie).
    thanks // brian

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