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  • Thanks rbreesems,
    I have tested with a Microchip “28-pin Starter Development board” and the error persists. Try ICD2 and ICSP connector as well to mini ICSP port in mini-Bully.
    I have connected every pin from the breakout of this board to all the pins in the mini-Bully board.
    Always the same error: Target Device Mismatch.
    PIC24 and dsPIB33 chips plugged in the 28-pin Microchip Board works at first time, Target ID response OK in MPLAB ICD plug in MPLAB Studio 8.4
    I really want debug/program mini-Bully with ICD3, but now it’s impossible. I don’t know what I am doing wrong.
    If someone make MPLAB ICD3/mini-Bully works, please tell us!

  • I can’t connect to MPLAB ICD 3. Target Device expected error. I have put the miniBully in a bread board and I tried with ICSP Adapter plus male-male jumpers and then with Sparkfun mini ICSP connector in the back of mini Bully. Always the same error. Did some of you program or debug this board with MPLAB ICD 3?
    The same with a 2nd miniBully.
    I have no other board with ICD2 connector to try in. I am thinking to buy a simple eval board from Microchip to try again and see what I am doing wrong.
    Help me, please!

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