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  • Hey, I'm the author of the pico-setup-windows installer mentioned in this article (and in the RP2040/Pico Getting Started Guide.) Just dropping a note here to say that if anyone has issues with that installer, please open an issue on https://github.com/ndabas/pico-setup-windows, I might not see all of the comments on this page.

    Thanks SparkFun, I've been a big fan over the years!

  • It should be possible to drive this display with a 25-output or more VFD driver. VFD drivers are push-pull so any output can source or sink.

    MAX6922 and MAX6932 look like suitable devices for this use case. 16 of the outputs can source the 16 'segments', and 9 outputs can sink the RGB common channels, with current limiting resistors. The downside is that they can source 40mA but sink only 4mA per output, so the brightness wont be as high as it could be, but should be good enough for a display. Outputs can be paralleled together for higher current drive, like connect two outputs for each of the blue lines.

  • Yes, 14 seconds is the correct update lag. I don't have this specific panel, but I do have a similar, red/white/black panel on a pHAT from Pimoroni. The three color ones are very very slow. Two color displays are much faster -- those are the ones with the 1 second or so refresh time.

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