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  • Back in the day (mid-60's) in southern California public school, in junior high we had our choice of shop...everyone had to pick one. I tried wood and metal. In high school, I got into electronics but all they offered was electronics shop class. By high school, the only guys (and it was only guys) in the shop classes were the drop-out types where the school was just trying to find a home for them. But there were 3 of us who had some real interest so after the first year, we had the run of the place. We build radios, modified TVs, and built and ran our own amateur radio station, plus got to play with a lot of surplus electronics. After 4 years of this, I had a really solid background and experience in building and fixing electronics. And while taking physics and math at the same time, I got into college and my EE degree. This background really helped in college and there was a huge difference between what I could do and some of my classmates who had no hobbyist background. There is no substitute for hands-on work in your field of interest! Remember the 10,000 hour rule:)

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