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  • The "Product Video" linked has been set to private.

  • I'm assuming this is US-only? :)

  • Just a heads up for anyone looking to buy a Yun to use with a shield: you should probably take a good look at a side view of the board. The vertical USB-A -connector and the Ethernet socket are both WAY taller than the USB-B -connector on for example an Uno (which is conveniently about exactly the height of the female headers on the arduino plus the height plastic spacers on the male headers on the shield).

    Most shields will not fit on a Yun, despite the Arduino website claiming that the board is "compatible with the most shields designed for Arduino".

    Personally I've used the old retired Screwshield wings as an adaptor (even then, I had to adjust the screwshield wings on the USB host side to make them fit). Another option would be to find the really really long stackable headers found on an official Wi-Fi shield, and resolder those on to old shields.

  • After the last... incident, Bob was only ever allowed to wear either his viking helmet OR his sun glasses. The right choice was obvious, really.

  • Should I order this to Europe, could the inverter be sent without the wall wart (it's useless to me, and would only add pointless weight to the package and be more waste in my waste basket)?
    I assume the supplied power supply can be replaced by pretty much any 12V adapter with the right kind of barrel-connector.

  • I've tried Googling and found conflicting answers; can EL Wire be cut to length?
    If I correctly understand how these things work, it should be fine, but the shorter the wire, the brighter it glows, and the shorter it's lifespan. This I would be fine with, as I'm thinking of only trimming the wires a bit.
    However, some websites suggest, that cutting the wire would be like sawing a fluorescent tube in half, and that I should just try looking for wires in leghts that suit my project.
    Can someone put my mind at ease before I place my order?

  • Would this thing be able to read the approximate color of the ambient light in a room, or would another component/circuit work better for something like that.
    I know this is designed to read colors from objects upclose to the unit, but am wondering if it'd serve my purposes as well, as it's the closest thing I've found to what I'm looking for.

  • @Chiel:
    I'm also using arduino IDE 0017, this chip and a duemilanove. I didn't need any pull-up resistors (all I've got are eight jumper wires, a bread board and the IC), and used the code from pastebin.com/f3a36644b which is a complete sketch using the functions from arduino playground.
    Could it be you've got the I2C pins reversed, or have other I2C devices hooked up (I had a blinkM and a Wii Nunchuk on the same bus, all up and working, but later removed the blinkm initialization code from my sketch, but left the device connected to the breadboard which also broke functionality with the eeprom, just unplugging the smart led made everything fine)?

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