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  • I’ve had no problems using both USB Hid and Virtual COM under Linux. I’ve only tested on OpenSuSE 11.1/11.2, but I’d expect any recent kernel to work. The device appears as /dev/ttyACM0

  • There are pads labeled “TXD” and “RXD” along with “GND” and “+5V” on the bottom of the PCB along the back edge by the button. Presumably, these are the pins needed for UART mode.

  • Some of the readers on my last order had a new 1.02 firmware version that no longer provides endian-flipped hex output when decoding a badge. This means that older units (firmware 1.00) and newer units may produce completely different output for the same RFID tag. Any application designed for the original 1.00 firmware units may need to change for the new 1.02 firmware.
    Also, I’ve tested more than 50 of these units. For me, read range is more like 2-3cm. If you need more, and you’re willing to void your warranty, I’ve found that the range can be approximately doubled simply by soldering a 1000uF low-ESR cap in parallel with C8.

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