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  • Instead of carrying the LR44 batteries, try the more expensive SR44s. That's what I use in all my calipers and micrometers. The difference is that the SR44 cell uses a silver oxide chemistry while the LR44s are alkaline chemistry. The SR44's discharge curve is also a lot flatter, so with a slightly higher starting voltage the SR44s consequently lasts a lot longer.

    -=- Terence

  • Please check out my Kickstarter project here:

    I know some of the MicroRAX guys personally, and we'll be collaborating on future accessories to make sure they will be compatible across the systems. I designed OpenBeam to address the design flaws in MakerBeam with the fasteners.

  • For the Insulation Displacement DB9s, the professional way to do that is to use an arbor press. Since most people don't have one at home, the next best thing is to use a vise - even a panavise should work. Absent that, get 2 small pieces of wood and a G-clamp.

    The idea is you want to apply the pressure uniformly so there's no chance of the wires deforming and slipping.

    I've gotten really desparate once and placed it in the lip of my desk drawer and leaned into it.

  • SD Cards are cheap. I would have ordered a new one, along with the proper break-out pins.

    At the rate most engineers are paid (even a fresh grad, at $50k/year) it's not worth the 10-15 minutes of debate. :P.

  • You know, even in metric countries (I grew up in one), people still use celsius for temperature and degrees for angles. Even though scientifically, it makes more sense to express temperatures in Kelvin and angles in Radians.
    Just saying...

  • That was my impression too. Here we've had so much trouble finding components now, because hardly anyone builds stuff in the US anymore. My last job was for a battery and charger company and we were quoted rediculous (18+ weeks) lead time for stuff like TCOs and PTCs - basic protection elements inside every Li-Ion pack. And prototyping quantities were virtually impossible to come by.
    Hop on a plane, and for prototyping qtys, if you have good relationship with the vendors, they don't even charge you. "Just take me out to Dimsum next time", is what some of the guys would say.
    Go to their "Book cities" and you can find domestically published engineering texts for about the cost of a dinner and movie for two. Throw in a culture that's been taught historically that an education is the way to get ahead in life, and the fact that out of 1+ billion people, there's bound to be some smart dudes... and you can see why China is on the uprising.
    Sadly while they are gaining, we have reality TV and a laughable science and math education to show for. That's why they are overtaking the US.

  • I'm impressed that you guys got pictures from within Hua Quang, the electronics market. When I went with my Dad about 2 years ago, we were chased out of every venue because of the DSLR I carried. Here are my pics:

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