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  • Pass around the photon cigars! My robot is having a baby!

  • And this is how we apply solder paste to the new series of 4e6_2e6 resistors!

  • a new level of pair programming has been pioneered at Sparkfun!

  • they told me it would save me from the Alien Mind Probe... How was I to know it would turn me into a dog?

  • "double rainbow"
    the first rainbow has the colours ROYGBIV, the second VIBGYOR. and so on...
    something about free spectral range or modulo 2 pi or some spark.
    optics, the hot slutty cousin of electronics....

  • How about about a bit of experimental method rather than farting around in dorky implementation.
    The time you spend with a physics textbook will save you money and time, then target your implementation to this.
    If it happends to be a peltier, hip-hip hooray, but I am not yet convinced. Death, taxes, nurses and the second law of thermodynamics.
    Apologies for coming on too strong, or offending delicate bloggers on this post. Rise to the challenge of controlling lower finesse beasts like heater elements and cooler pumps rather than hoping a p-n junction will sell. On the other hand if this is a marketing pitch to sell peltiers and control electronics, just let everyone know.
    Here are some quotes that come to mind:
    "When you are a hammer, everything is a nail"
    "In life, few things are certain: death, taxes, nurses and the second law"
    I look forward to being kicked off the posting.

  • what is the point of the project then? If it is not to regulate temperature of a home brew then maybe I am missing something.
    I am not aware of anyone who brews beer in less than a 23-L batch (5 gallons or thereabouts). You can brew smaller starter brews for experimentation but that is not what this blogger was proffering. The minimum would be a 5-10L batch unless you wanted to 'cuddle' the wort as a starter and maybe a peltier would be useful here. However I didn't see your ad say "home brew yeast starter with a peltier" and your photo was of a 23-L carboy.

  • what a lame project. If the guy new anything about wine or beer making, or thermodynamics, he wouldn't use a peltier.
    a pump with ethelyne glycol or a heat pad would make a much better actuator given his thermal mass.

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